In pursuit of our mandate to save lives from the current and future pandemics, we have developed an environment friendly, biodegradable, odorless, and colourless chemical solution named ‘MedicFibers Viroside’ which when applied on fabrics/ textile incubates itself inside the polymers of the said textile, thereby making the textile antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and resistant to foul odour for up to 125 washes.

Currently we are revolutionising India’s healthcare sector by equipping them with unparalleled antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and foul odour resistant linens and fabrics which are helping the frontline healthcare workers and patients in their fight against a wide plethora of diseases and infections.

In recent years, as our understanding of germs has grown, we have made great strides in preventing diseases. While our immune system is strong enough to defend against most bacterias, the occasional malignant microorganisms can pass through those defenses and wreak havoc on our systems. Antibacterial agents, synthetic and natural, aid in killing these microorganisms.
Our textile solution is non‐ionic, broad‐spectrum antimicrobial and antiviral agent which is chemically stable and can operate under a wide range of temperatures and pH levels, which makes it both durable and versatile. This thermal stability of the compound is especially important when it comes to its impregnation in textile fabrics in the finishing part of the manufacturing process.
Our tech is better since it doesn’t use silver ion technology for its antiviral properties but instead uses organic compounds which do not have any heavy metal ions thereby making it completely safe for external use and environment friendly as well.
The chemical is an inhibitor of enoyl – (acyl carrier protein) reductase; this allows it to kill Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, as well as in the Mycobacteria bacteria by inhibiting the fatty acid biosynthetic pathway, which in turn disrupts lipid synthesis and eventually kills the cell. Isolated cell walls and whole cells of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa were shown to absorb the compound by diffusion, and the degree of absorption was proportionate to the lipid content of cells.

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  • Viroside has 99.9% antiviral effect tested using EASI-MB-SOP-32
  • Viroside has 99.9% antibacterial effect tested using AATCC 100
  • Viroside has 99.9% antifungal effect tested using AATCC 30
  • It’s chemical composition is organic (no heavy metal ion) making it fully biodegradable and environment friendly
  • Viroside is REACH compliant i.e. non toxic and completely safe for external use
  • Viroside can be easily applied on all types of fabrics, and on an average has 2 years of shelf life
  • Viroside, when incubated on any fabric, empowers that fabric with antiviral and antimicrobial properties for upto 125 washes
  • Viroside is odorless and colourless; moreover, it gives any fabric foul odor resistant properties
  • Viroside has been developed by textile engineers of IIT Delhi after extensive research
  • Viroside is proudly imagined and made in India


The antiviral agent within the coating of the fabric kills the virus by breaching its protective outer membrane, which is known as its envelope. Unlike other parts of the virus, the membrane remains the same regardless of any type of mutation

Hence, this way of attacking pathogens will work on any new variant of viruses, bacteria or fungi. In fact, you could mutate the entire genome of the pathogen and it would have no effect on the envelope. We expect to see the same response regardless of the strain because structurally they are all very similar

The results of the test demonstrated that the fabric coated with it destroyed 99.9 percent of pathogens on its surface within one hour. The variants of pathogens that we are seeing occur in the spike proteins that stud the surface of the virus rather than the membrane of the envelope

It is the genetic information that encodes this protein that is mutating, and this is leading to very slight structural changes in the shape of the spike. However, the envelope is derived from part of a human cell that the virus grabs from its host in order to protect its genetic material. It is made from lipids, which unlike the proteins do not change

A virus, bacteria or fungi won’t be able to survive on any fabric/ textile powered by our solution, thereby making it an absolute necessity for India in times like these. Just by using products shielded with a layer of safety or in other words, powered by viroside, spreading of diseases can be stopped to a great extent, which would help save millions of lives

Our offering will hold value even after the pandemic subsides as the need for antiviral and antimicrobial textiles which have the capability to resist viruses, bacterias and fungi has been ignored for far too long

Be it before or after the pandemic, diseases have and will continue to spread; using our revolutionary solution which repels and kills all harmful microorganisms will help save crores of lives from all kinds of diseases

Our proprietary solution ‘Medicfibers Viroside‘ is developed by textile engineers of IIT Delhi after extensive research; unlike others, our solution is fully and proudly researched, designed, and made in India

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  • Hospital/ Medical Fabrics
  • Hotel/ Hospitality Fabrics
  • Home Decor Fabrics
  • Defense Sector Wearables
  • Railway and travel Fabrics
  • Seat/ Sofa/ Mattress Covers
  • Vehicle/ Automobile Fabrics
  • All Kinds of Shared Textiles
  • Masks
  • Uniforms
  • Consumer/ Commercial Wearables
  • Blankets/ Quilts/ Duvets
  • Curtains/ Drapes/ Table cloths
  • Cleaning/ Maintenance Fabrics
  • Kid/ Children/ Infant Wearables
  • All Kinds of Consumer Textiles