Our company would never be able to stand where it is today without the continuous support of our partners who believed in us and helped us grow further.



Medicfibers is a technology-driven startup incubated, supported, and advised by IIT Delhi. We are also supported by IIT Patna, and recently got NIDHI covid seed support system approval from Department of Science & Technology (Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI).

In line with our vision to stop transmission of all diseases and infections via harmful pathogens present on textiles/ fabrics, we have developed an environment friendly, biodegradable, odorless,and colourless chemical solution named ‘MedicFibers Viroside’ which when applied on fabrics/ textile incubates itself inside the polymers of the said textile, thereby making the textile antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and resistant to foul odour for up to 125 washes.

Viroside has 99.9% antiviral effect tested using EASI-MB-SOP-32, 99.9% antibacterial effect tested using AATCC 100, 99.9% antifungal effect tested using AATCC 30, Its chemical composition is organic (no heavy metal ion) making it fully biodegradable and environment friendly, and it is REACH compliant i.e. non toxic and completely safe for external use.

The chemical compounds present in Viroside work by denaturing the proteins of the bacterial, viral or fungal cells, affecting the metabolic reactions of the cell and causing vital substances to leak out of the cell, which then causes death.

We develop, sell, and donate antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal solutions as well as medical textiles incubated with such solutions so that transmission of infections and diseases via fabrics/ textile/ wearables can be reduced to an enormous extent. ’Medicfibers Viroside’ has multiple applications and use cases in corona ridden India and the world, as a safe solution for all textiles/ fabrics was much needed. Viroside can be used to create antiviral and antimicrobial hospital fabrics, hospitality fabrics, defense fabrics, railway fabrics, and other industries/ sectors which have usability of shared fabrics. Moreover, it can also be used for creating items for general use such as masks, garments, beddings, wearables, uniforms, and much more.

Our offering will hold value even after the pandemic subsides as the need for antiviral and antimicrobial textiles which have the capability to resist viruses, bacterias and fungi has been ignored for far too long. Be it before or after the pandemic, diseases have and will continue to spread; using our revolutionary solution which repels and kills all harmful microorganisms will help save crores of lives from all kinds of diseases. We provide our textile solution to all kinds of textile/ fabrics (raw, intermediate, or finished) manufacturers/ traders so that they can make all their offerings safe for everyone and devoid of any harmful pathogens which may cause diseases and/ or infections.