Medicfibers Private Limited is a technology-driven startup dealing in antiviral and antimicrobial solutions and offerings with a vision to halt the transmission or stop the spread of all diseases and infections via everyday textiles/ fabrics. We are incubated, supported, and advised by IIT Delhi and IIT Patna, and recently got NIDHI covid seed support system approval from Department of Science and Technology (Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI).

We are currently working towards innovating unique solutions for India’s healthcare and hospitality industry which will eventually halt the transmission of all diseases and infections via textiles/ fabrics. The core motivation behind our company’s survival and success is to impart and deal in uniqueness and innovation which will help people in general.

Currently we are revolutionising India’s healthcare sector by equipping them with unparalleled antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and foul odour resistant linens and fabrics which are helping the frontline healthcare workers and patients in their fight against a wide plethora of diseases and infections.



Our company has a vision to halt the transmission or stop the spread of all diseases and infections via everyday textiles/ fabrics. Since fabrics are the most common catalyst for spread of harmful pathogens after human body, we are committed to manufacturing textile solutions for every industry which will stop the spread of viruses, bacterias and fungi.

We envision to eradicate diseases and infections via textiles/ fabrics, ensure customer safety, and help our nation become independent of any foreign aid in this respect. The driving force of our creativity and innovation is the relieved smile on the faces of our customers and the dream of a disease free world.





About Medicfibers

Medicfibers is a technology-driven startup incubated, supported, and advised by IIT Delhi. We are also supported by IIT Patna, and recently got NIDHI covid seed support system approval from Department of Science & Technology (Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI).

In line with our vision to stop transmission of all diseases and infections via harmful pathogens present on textiles/ fabrics, we have developed an environment friendly, biodegradable, odorless,and colourless chemical solution named ‘MedicFibers Viroside’ which when applied on fabrics/ textile incubates itself inside the polymers of the said textile, thereby making the textile antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and resistant to foul odour for up to 125 washes.

Viroside has 99.9% antiviral effect tested using EASI-MB-SOP-32, 99.9% antibacterial effect tested using AATCC 100, 99.9% antifungal effect tested using AATCC 30, Its chemical composition is organic (no heavy metal ion) making it fully biodegradable and environment friendly, and it is REACH compliant i.e. non toxic and completely safe for external use.

The chemical compounds present in Viroside work by denaturing the proteins of the bacterial, viral or fungal cells, affecting the metabolic reactions of the cell and causing vital substances to leak out of the cell, which then causes death.

We develop, sell, and donate antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal solutions as well as medical textiles incubated with such solutions so that transmission of infections and diseases via fabrics/ textile/ wearables can be reduced to an enormous extent. ’Medicfibers Viroside’ has multiple applications and use cases in corona ridden India and the world, as a safe solution for all textiles/ fabrics was much needed. Viroside can be used to create antiviral and antimicrobial hospital fabrics, hospitality fabrics, defense fabrics, railway fabrics, and other industries/ sectors which have usability of shared fabrics. Moreover, it can also be used for creating items for general use such as masks, garments, beddings, wearables, uniforms, and much more.

Our offering will hold value even after the pandemic subsides as the need for antiviral and antimicrobial textiles which have the capability to resist viruses, bacterias and fungi has been ignored for far too long. Be it before or after the pandemic, diseases have and will continue to spread; using our revolutionary solution which repels and kills all harmful microorganisms will help save crores of lives from all kinds of diseases. We provide our textile solution to all kinds of textile/ fabrics (raw, intermediate, or finished) manufacturers/ traders so that they can make all their offerings safe for everyone and devoid of any harmful pathogens which may cause diseases and/ or infections.

You can use our solution to create any antiviral and antimicrobial fabrics/ textiles like masks, beddings, uniforms, clothing and much more. A virus, bacteria or fungi won’t be able to survive on any fabric/ textile powered by our solution, thereby making it an absolute necessity for India in times like these. Just by using products shielded with a layer of safety or in other words, powered by viroside, spreading of diseases can be stopped to a great extent, which would help save millions of lives. Our proprietary solution ‘Medicfibers Viroside’ is developed by textile engineers of IIT Delhi after extensive research; unlike others, our solution is fully and proudly researched, designed, and made in India. Some of our products are antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal textile chemical solutions, bedsheets, pillow covers, masks, doctor’s capes, surgical gowns, patient clothing, garments, gloves, among many more.

The solution can be marketed as a revolutionary movement in the medical textiles industry, and the various advantages of our solution coupled with the pandemic’s effects in all the industries, the solution along with all its allied antiviral and antimicrobial products can be sold/ exported with ease. With it being already used in India’s commercial sector for hospital bed sheets, masks, doctors clothing, patient clothing etc. It can be easily adapted to other major industries like travel and tourism industry for antiviral masks and carry bags, to hotel industry for antiviral beddings and towels, to railway industry for antiviral blankets, to medical or healthcare industry for masks, capes, gowns, beddings, clothing and what not.The defence sector can use it to their advantage for their own medical fabric equipment, soldiers uniforms, gloves, caps, masks, undergarments and export the same to allied countries along with the solution’s application in the commercial sector in varied industries as discussed above. This would result in cost cutting, large scale manufacturing, economies of scale, low cost and high revenue along with greater protection against all kinds of microbes and viruses which spread infection and diseases via textiles. In an intermediate scenario, it would enable us to export these solutions to different countries for their commercial and defence sectors alike. Foreign flow of money would enrich our economy and strengthen our military’s strategic position in the world. At an advanced stage, we could set ourselves up as the sole biggest player in the medical textiles industry throughout the world along with having a major share of uniform and defence textiles export in the world for militaries of all nations. Everything is proudly designed, developed, and made in India giving us a competitive edge and a strategic advantage.There are ample other use cases for the solution such as shared textile user industries like railways, carriers etc. ; uniforms for all sectors; kids clothes; relief blankets and kits in case of a catastrophe, among many more.



Harsh Lal

CEO/ Founder - IIT Delhi Textile Engineer

Hansraj Sagar

COO/ Co-Founder - IIT Delhi Textile Engineer

Nimish Joseph

CFO/ Co-Founder - PHD, IIT Delhi

Aakash Sharma

CTO/ Co-Founder - IIT Delhi