Automated Sanitization Enclosure

India has entered now in the fourth week of the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the virus-infected cases are keep rising daily. COVID-19 is known to affect the patients' respiratory system and can lead to death if the patient is not provided medical support on time. While social and personal level distancing have able to reduce the pace of the COVID-19 spread, it is also important that we must also maintain its spread via other means such as exchange of public gathering, currency, parcels, use of commonplaces "open surfaces", essential items "food packets" etc. It is an urgent need to contain the spread COVID-19 by using state of the art sanitization techniques to treat these items effectively and regularly.

To address this challenge, Medicfibres Pvt Ltd (A start-up incubated at IIT Delhi (by IIT Delhi Students) has come up with a sanitization solution which till now were being used by the spacecraft of NASA, ISRO, and few microbiology labs to infiltrate their scientists from the bacteria and virus drifting in through the air and on contaminated surfaces. The sanitization enclosure will help the public places such as banks, crowded areas to fully sanitize the people entering thus reducing the spread COVID-19.

The sanitization enclosure information:

The cubicle sanitization enclosure consists of 100 litre of disinfectant liquid solution, 3D misting framework, pump and control unit. The sanitization enclosure is automated in such a way that the person's presence inside the cubicle will be detected automatically and the sanitization/decontamination process will be activated. The decontamination will be achieved by mist spray on the object for 25 seconds. It can sanitize up to 250 of the workforce through the enclosure with a single refill.

Current development status

The sanitization enclosure prototype has been tested and sent to the manufacturing unit for production.