Ongoing Research

Portable Vantilator

With the soring COVID-19 cases, it has been a great challenge to meet the demand for ventilators. The present government has also asked medical device manufacturers to assess the availability of ventilators and boost their production. However, the government is also looking for the proposal of cost-effective and indigenous made ventilators from government organizations, IITs, and startups.

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Completed Research

Automated Sanitization Enclosure

While social and personal level distancing have able to reduce the pace of the COVID-19 spread, it is also important that we must also maintain its spread via other means such as exchange of public gathering, currency, parcels, use of commonplaces "open surfaces", essential items "food packets" etc. It is an urgent need to contain the spread COVID-19 by using state of the art sanitization techniques to treat these items effectively and regularly.

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